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d’Solve was created by researcher Deborah Marie, renowned expert in weight loss and author of Fat Free Forever & Weight Loss Enigma. She is also the creator of the European Slimming Lipo-Sculpture programs.

Deborah knows what it is like to be overweight. She understands the frustration of losing weight, gaining it back again, how that makes a person feel, and how that lowers self-esteem. Now she knows what it is like to be thin. A former model, Deborah overcame her figure problems using the slimming secrets she learned from experts around the world. She was able to drop from a sixe 16+ to a size 2.


Deborah’s Story

I am always working to improve results for my clients. In California, I was introduced to a nurse practitioner whose dedication to her patients was very much identical to mine. She told me about a physician who could do fat loss injections for my clients, which could give me faster results.

Before I would have my clients to experience these injections, I had to get them myself. We traveled to his office and I prepared for the injections. I selected my stomach to work on first. He started the injections, but in the middle of the second injection I told him to STOP and remove the needle. The pain was so severe that I could not tolerate it. I refused to have any of my clients suffer and go through what I felt. We left his office and I said to my friend, “I just cannot have my clients go through that!”

We returned home, and after a couple of weeks I noticed a reduction of fat in the area the doctor injected. I said to myself, “What if there was a way to get that solution into the body without the excruciating pain?” While training in Europe, I was taught how to make creams, etc. It was there that I had my “ah-ha” moment and started to develop how to make my idea work.

I had to put it to a test, of course. I gave it to my clients to see if they experienced the fat loss like I did. We performed a ketone test, and yes, they were burning fat. Inches were decreasing faster, cellulite was disappearing, their bodies were getting tighter, and I have some very happy clients.

A friend started using my lotion/gel who is very good at naming things. In fact, she could go into a side business in naming things. Anyway, I tend to be like a mother hen when I am working with you. She said, “Name it d’Solve.” Short for Deborah Solves your weight/fat loss problems…

…and d’Solve was created.

I loved the name because as I am customizing every jar or bottle, I am being that mother hen and doing my best to solve your weight/fat loss issues.

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