Deborah Marie

Founder & Creator

This is Deborah Marie,
the expert and creator of the European Slimming Lipo-Sculpture programs.

Her passion to help people live a healthier, self-motivating life and to create their own transformation quickly, safely and effortlessly.

She is the founder of d’Solve Lipo Gel, a highly beneficial product for those who are looking for a more immediate and effective method to burn their body fat.

Within this self made product, it consists of organic ingredients like Orange Peel, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Mint, Tea Tree, Cucumber, Mandarin Oil, French Algae, Grapeseed Oil and the branded blend of handcrafted fat burners that work in a process to tackle unwanted fat tissues.

Not only does this gel decrease fat tissues cells, but also removes toxins to lighten the mass of your body.

Furthermore, with a combination of essential oils and other plant extracts, this product nourishes the skin for a more gleaming and healthier look.

The connotation of ‘Healthy’ is more than just a physical matter. It’s a conglomeration of many interlinked aspects of our lives. One can’t discuss their well-being without talking about their mental, interpersonal, and emotional health as well. Don’t you agree?

In addition to the known physical consequences of body fat, there is also a significant psychological component which needs to be dealt with as well.

Deborah very determined to help others deal with this problem that results in many negative outcomes, both emotional and physical.

We sense that we could collaborate on your transformation, considering the fact that we’re both influenced by a nutritious and body-positivity lifestyle.

So, let’s go!


Deborah’s Story

I am always working to improve results for my clients. In California, I was introduced to a nurse practitioner whose dedication to her patients was very much identical to mine. She told me about a physician who could do fat loss injections for my clients, which could give me faster results.

Before I would have my clients to experience these injections, I had to get them myself. We traveled to his office and I prepared for the injections. I selected my stomach to work on first. He started the injections, but in the middle of the second injection I told him to STOP and remove the needle. The pain was so severe that I could not tolerate it. I refused to have any of my clients suffer and go through what I felt. We left his office and I said to my friend, “I just cannot have my clients go through that!”

We returned home, and after a couple of weeks I noticed a reduction of fat in the area the doctor injected. I said to myself, “What if there was a way to get that solution into the body without the excruciating pain?” While training in Europe, I was taught how to make creams, etc. It was there that I had my “ah-ha” moment and started to develop how to make my idea work.

I had to put it to a test, of course. I gave it to my clients to see if they experienced the fat loss like I did. We performed a ketone test, and yes, they were burning fat. Inches were decreasing faster, cellulite was disappearing, their bodies were getting tighter, and I have some very happy clients.

A friend started using my lotion/gel who is very good at naming things. In fact, she could go into a side business in naming things. Anyway, I tend to be like a mother hen when I am working with you. She said, “Name it d’Solve.” Short for Deborah Solves your weight/fat loss problems…

…and d’Solve was created.

I loved the name because as I am customizing every jar or bottle, I am being that mother hen and doing my best to solve your weight/fat loss issues.

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